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Friday, 18 April 2014

Clancraft Releases New Video And Lore Behind The Game

April 18, 2014 --, a premier game portal for MMOs big and small, reveals the lore and storylines behind their newest title, Clancraft!  A browser game that crosses town building and simulation in an exciting mix, the game features classic artwork inspired by European fairy tales.  But don’t think these cutesy characters don’t come fully loaded with plenty of power!  Players can leap straight into the open beta right now at and can view the new video just released:

The land of Dios: peaceful, plentiful, with a highly developed human civilization, flourishes and grows day by day.  But one day…was not like the others before it.  This one single day would change Dios irrevocably forever!  The people’s happiness, and their carefree lives, changed to sorrow and anxiety as their world was rocked with the strangest events…

The land of Dios is made up of numerous continents, commonly referred to as “islands,’ including Sophia Island, Gex Island, Miguel Island, and Freya Island.  Other important landmarks include the Sky City, and the Watt Fortress.  Each of these areas are also broken down into a variety of zones, each with their own themes: a prairie, a graveyard, and more; other areas have gained a name by being the gathering spot for a specific monster, such as Werewolf Hill, the Stone Giant, and more. 

Clancraft is a new type of browser title, combining together flawlessly base building, combat, questing, and much more!  Taking its cues from other town/base building games such as Clash of Clans, Clancraft adds in a broader combat system, a deeper PVE story, and a more meaningful town construction system. 

Whether you’re gathering resources, pitting your troops against a fierce enemy, or building the ultimate base, there’s always something to do in Clancraft!  Available to play now in closed beta, players can try out the game via Facebook at or on the portal.

PC Game Reviews and News

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Horizon:Update, Screens and Discount

Haarlem, The Netherlands, 15 April 2014 –Developer L3O Interactive released a free Update for its classic 4x strategy game Horizon (PC), which launched on Steam early February 2014. The Update is designed to make gameplay more challenging, including a number of improvements and tweaks, and also incorporates changes suggested by Horizon’s own community.

Important update notes:
  • UPDATED: Improved fleet managing A.I. for attacks, or rallying to defend a system.
  • UPDATED: Rebalanced economy and race relations.
  • UPDATED: Improved UI .
  • ADDED: French language now supported.
  • ADDED: A new refit system is added to more easily change the design of existing ships.
  • ADDED: New UI icons added making it easier to distinguish surveyed planets.
For the complete list of changes please visit the official Steam community hub here.

The Update coincides with today’s new Weeklong deal on Steam, offering the game at a 33% discount. Get your own copy of Horizon on Steam here:

Highly Realistic Golf Simulation Game - The Golf Club - Tees off Today on Steam Early Access

HB Studios Simulation, Complete with Course Creator and Social Features, Now Available on Steam Early Access for PC

Nova Scotia, Canada - April 17, 2014 - Canadian video game developer, HB Studios, today announced its next generation golf simulation, The Golf Club, is now available on Steam Early Access for PC. The Golf Club features pre-designed courses as well as a Course Creator that allows players to build brand new courses and share them online within seconds. The Golf Club Early Access is available for $29.99, discounted from $34.99 for 7 days. Scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon, The Golf Club will redefine the genre across both console and PC platforms. For more information, including a host of instructional videos, please visit the official website at:

“With a heritage deeply rooted in building some of the most fun, intuitive and critically successful sport franchises on the EA Sports label, HB Studios are now excited to roll out the first phase of The Golf Club,” said Jeremy Wellard, President of HB Studios. “With integrated social features, a massive online multiplayer mode and a Course Creator that will provide players with endless challenges, avid golfers and gamers can now accessThe Golf Club on Steam Early Access.”
The Golf Club is designed for 1 - 4 players locally, (from single player to 4-player sofa play), or in an asynchronous online multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against “live balls” and “ghost balls” from other players. Early Access of The Golf Club comes complete with three modes: stroke play, match play and 4-ball, and no loading times between holes.

The Course Creator allows players to build an unlimited number of golf courses which can then be shared and played with friends online. New courses can be generated in a matter of seconds by selecting a theme (Rural, Alpine or Autumn), terrain features, number of holes and difficulty. Players can then enjoy a full suite of editing tools from changing the time of day to placing hazards and objects to create the ultimate golf challenge. Players can also discover new courses built by friends and the community by filtering through rank and difficulty, as well as interact with new TheGolf Club members through the Message Center. 
Additional social features enable players to challenge friends and attempt to beat high scores and best their own highest recorded rounds. Add to this a myriad of statistic tracking tools, notifications, challenges and much more, and you have a golf club truly worth joining. The Golf Club was developed with the Unity games development platform.
For Steam Early Access visit the store on Steam at:

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