Friday, 6 November 2015

FPS MMO Escape From Tarkov Announced

November 5, 2015--Battlestate Games presents Escape from Tarkov – a hardcore MMO mixture of FPS/TPS and RPG. The game pushes the boundaries of genres and offers a new kind of gameplay based on a multitude of tactical and combat factors and the use of additional modules that improve game

Events take place in a realistic setting in the Russian city of Tarkov. Main characters work for two private military companies locked in bloody conflict on the streets of the settlement surrounded by UN forces and Russian Military. Players need to find a way out of the isolated Tarkov, survive the deadly hazards and unearth all mysteries of the city. Following the wildly twisted plot, heroes of Escape from Tarkov meet many dangers – from hostile mercenaries of enemy faction to aggressive environment. Death may come suddenly in a multitude of ways: character may perish because of consequences of different injuries, illnesses, exhaustion and radiation poisoning. To survive in a harsh and unpredictable world, players use numerous MMO system modules: users can control all actions and movements of their character and choose from a wide range of behaviors and tactics.

  • Hardcore online action RPG/Simulator in a contemporary Russian setting. In Escape from Tarkov, everything hinges on the player and their ability to adapt, survive and overcome any obstruction.
  • Story-oriented game advancement with unique quest elaboration. By completing missions and tasks, players not only learn the history of the Tarkov conflict, but also increase their chances to survive and escape the hot zone.
  • Next-level realism. Escape from Tarkov is a combat simulator that includes a multitude of hazardous influences. Player actions are influenced by numerous factors, from character's injuries and physical state to environmental effects.
  • Absolute freedom of actions and character control. the game employs 100% realistic ballistics, a full procedural effect system, absolute control of movement, interaction with environment, stealth actions and more. Escape from Tarkov also employs advanced system weapon handling and customization.
  • Unique skills and character progress system. The character receives different types of experience depending on what they are doing. The player can improve more than 100 skills that are separated into 4 types: physical, cognitive, combat and practical.
  • Individual game progress and choice of tactics. Raids on enemy bases, stealth operations, cooperative missions, trading, exploring, collecting resources, radio communications – in Tarkov, every player finds something for themselves.
  • AI-controlled economy influenced by players. The character can barter useful resources, engage in auction activities or open their own business with subordinates and systems.
  • Multitude of offline activities. Healing, trading, spying, weapons improvement and customization, management of loot stashes, researches, etc.
Escape from Tarkov is planning for a closed beta test in early 2016. Players can register for more information and the beta test on the official site of the .

Forge of Empires Launches New Future Era

Hamburg, November 5, 2015. After much anticipation, online games developerInnoGames releases a new age in their popular city builder Forge of Empires: The Future. From today on, aspiring city rulers can unlock new technologies, units and buildings. The German company has also released a video with the game designer explaining all the new features.

The new age features a story line that revolves around corruption, dirty warfare and a struggle for water which is very scarce. This means the new continent map spreads out through different climate zones and introduces new region leaders. It also introduces five new units: the exoskeleton soldier, the satellite spotter, the hover tank, the drone swarm and the rail gun. In addition players can look forward to numerous new buildings e.g. Levitation Outlet or Food Printer and two new Great Buildings.

The Future will not be the last game age so players can expect even more news from the game.

Forge of Empires is a strategy game, where players, tasked with leading their own city to prosperity, can research new technologies, build impressive historical buildings and enlarge their sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealing. The game has been awarded the title of "Best Browser Game 2013" at the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis). On iPad it was in the top 5 new strategy games in the US in 2014.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Is this cheap system performance upgrade idea viable?

I have a horribly under-powered PC and an even more horribly under-powered bank balance.   Recently I’ve been pondering an idea – I’ve done a bit of research and can’t seem to find that anyone has done exactly this before. 

Using a USB drive as extra RAM for your PC to boost system performance (albeit the performance increase is likely to be negligible to slight, depending on your system), is already a commonly available and well-known option.  There also seem to be an increasing number of “PC on a stick” devices which contain effectively an entirely mini PC on a USB stick (like this one, for instance).

My idea is a hybrid of the two – really, just a USB stick with a bit of RAM and a single (fairly low-spec?) CPU, with software designed to divert regular system functions that your PC constantly runs in the background to the CPU on the device (or, potentially, direct specific other tasks from the on-board CPU to the one on the USB stick).

Now to me, without much technical knowledge about modern computer hardware, this seems to be something that should be doable and, crucially, something that could be done rather cheaply.  My main concerns would be around the functionality of the software needed to divert specific functions to what would effectively be a third-party CPU, and the viability of doing so via a USB 2.0 port quickly enough to be worthwhile.  (Not to mention potential clashes with different OS versions?)  In terms of the architecture, would there be anything that would actually tend to slow the system down instead of speeding it up?  Is it something that could work using a USB 3.0 port but not 2.0?

I would appreciate the thoughts of anyone with more technical knowledge than me (there must be plenty of you around!) about whether this idea has merit, or indeed if someone has already made such a device, or whether it is something currently being crowd-funded anywhere. 

This could obviously have some applications for gaming, although for myself I was thinking more in terms of general system performance and staking of cryptocurrencies in particular.  From the gaming point of view I even wondered about the idea of adding a GPU but feel that this would be a step too far and make the idea nonviable technically and in terms of keeping things cheap, but again would appreciate the thoughts of anyone with  technical know-how.

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